2007 Nita Kibble Prize for Women Writers

Anyone who has been reading this weblog for a while will realise that I consider Australian literary awards rather important. While being cogniscent of all the arguments about the nature of such "competitions", I always come down on the side of the extra publicity that is generated for a literary work when it is nominated for, and maybe wins, a literary award. Every bit helps.

Which is why it is a bit disappointing that the trustees of the Nita B. Kibble prize for women writers don't have a website set up for the award. Hunting around on the web for details of the shortlisted titles and then for the announcement of the winner has led me to newspaper reports which, due to the nature of indexing search engines, sometimes aren't "findable" for some days after an announcement.

Anyway, ranting over.

"The Australian" newspaper has reported that the winner of the 2007 Nita Kibble Award for Women Writers is Deborah Robertson for her novel Careless.

Sure is time for me to get out and read this one now.

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