On Other Blogs #21

CB, on her weblog "Sultanalog", writes of the books she read in preparation for chairing two sessions at the Words and Ideas Festival, which was part of the Perth International Arts Festival, held in that city recently. She was originally slated to chair a panel on Biographies but was moved to crime and young adult fiction. As part of her preparation she was most impressed with James Bradley's The Resurrectionist, and a young adult novel by Garry Disher (she doesn't state which one, unfortunately). Which raises the point that someone considers Bradley's novel fits into the crime genre. Not a thought that had crossed my mind previously. There are crimes committed within the book, but I'd would have thought it fitted into the "gothic horror" genre rather than crime. That is, if we felt compelled to find a genre slot for it, which I don't.

The "LibriVox" weblog provides details of free audio books available over the web, and this week lists The Glugs of Gosh by C.J. Dennis. You can access the Gutenberg e-text and listen to various mp3 files of a reading of the book.

Margo Lanagan and friends have an interesting approach to their writers' group: they travel interstate and meet up at one of their homes, blocking out the real world for a weekend while they work on their writing. Margo tells some on her weblog, and Tansy Rayner Roberts fills out the details on hers.

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