Reviews of Australian Books #46

Sue Bursztynski reviews books for "January" magazine, and has posted two new reviews to her weblog, as it will be some time before they appear in the printed edition. The books under review are The Taste of Lightning by Kate Constable, and Elysium by Catherine Jinks. I had thought that reviews of Peter Carey's novel Theft must be coming to an end by now, but they keep on turning up in the strangest places.

Hephzibah Anderson reviews the novel in "The Buffalo News": "Right from its opening sentence, this novel wryly assesses Australia's cultural inferiority complex."

On the "BlogCritics Magazine" website, Katie McNeill is very impressed with Garth Nix's novel Sabriel: "I haven't read such an original fantasy novel in a long time. The world is solid, whole and deftly constructed, you feel as if you would meet the people who live there and find them no different from yourself. The characters, especially Sabriel, are strong, three-dimensional people you are involved with from the first page on."

"Eureka Street" has published a combined review, by Tony Smith, of three recent crime novels, one of which is Peter Corris's The Undertow. "Corris always says that he writes a pastiche of crime stories from the middle of the twentieth century and denies any literary pretensions. The success and longevity of the Hardy series suggests however, that he is doing what he does pretty well. It is true that most of his plots are resolved not just in, but by violence."

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