Reviews of Australian Books #44

Deborah Robertson's debut novel, Careless, has been published in the UK and Rachel Moore in "The Guardian" is quite moved by it. As Moore puts it, the author "is fascinated by ways we memorialise the dead...[but]...the author does not dwell on death itself, rather on the care and responsibility that people do or don't exercise towards one another in life. She is best as a miniaturist, in the style of Helen Dunmore, her observations as carefully chosen and charged with feeling as pebbles placed on a grave...Careless is an elegy for the lost and the grieving, but it also offers hope."

On the weblog "Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast", Eisha is hugely impressed with Margo Lanagan's short story collection White Time. "Let's face it - a lot of writers have good ideas. What's great about Lanagan, though, is that her creativity is matched by her skill with language. Each story-world has its own land, each character its own voice."

Thomas Keneally's A Commonwealth of Thieves is reviewed in "The Jerusalem Post" by Meir Ronnen: "This book is a
great read, but I object to its title. Australia was never a commonwealth of thieves. It had no more of its share of burglars and desperadoes than other poor countries."

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