Interview with Terry Dowling

The "Just Adventure" gaming website interviews Terry Dowling about his recent foray into the gaming world, and his fiction.

You're widely known throughout Europe and Australia, yet relatively unknown in the United States -- which I find amazing as some of your horror stories are as good as anything Stephen King has ever written -- why have you yet to find a market in the U.S.?

Terry Dowling - Thanks for the kind words. I suspect it's because I haven't been a novelist to date. Only about eight per cent of writers earn their livings from their writing, and very few writers make a career for themselves writing only short stories, novellas and novelettes, which is what I do. Ray Bradbury and Harlan [Ellison] come to mind
as managing it, a handful of others. I've been writing professionally for twenty-three years now and have had quite a number of appearances in the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (I was the only author to have two stories in the 2001 volume; something I'm very proud of), but apart from having my first linked collection Rynosseros published by the SF Book Club back in 1993, I haven't had US editions of my work. Hopefully that will start to change this year with the release of a hardcover collection of my best horror stories from Cemetery Dance.

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