Poem: The Other Gum by Henry Lawson

Well, Boory, I have read your "grin",
   And listened to your whine;
I only wish you'd sent it in
   Before I printed mine.
You see, I never meant to hit
   The new-chum Jackaroo;
I only tried to write a skit
   On poets -- such as you.
We're sinners all -- the world knows that,
   But damned mean sinners some --
(The 'possum you are barking at
   Is up the other gum).

But sneer in safety if you choose
   I've no hand in the game;
I will not fight the crawler who's
   Afraid to sign his name.
I never strike without a mark --
   'Tis safer in the end;
For he who hits back in the dark
   Might chance to hurt a "friend"!

The game is stale, your jokes are flat,
   You might as well be dumb --
(The 'possum you are howling at
   Is up another gum).

First published in Truth, 1893

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