Fiona McIntosh

Fiona McIntosh is one of those authors who can slip under the radar. The author of 7 fantasy novels, including one in each of 2005 and 2006, she has received only one mention on this weblog in those two years: a brief listing of a small review of her novel Emissary in early December 2006. That gives me the impression that her work is just not being considered by the mainstream media in this country.

Now, however, "The Sydney Morning Herald" has published a long profile of the author. You have to wonder if this was brought on by the fact that McIntosh has sold the rights to her latest fantasy trilogy, the Percheron series, to the UK, the US and Canada. In any event, the extra publicity is obviously going to be welcome with the third book in the series, Goddess, out late this year.

Added to that there is a crime novel written under a pseudonym also being published, and she is currently working on a children's fantasy for nine to twelve year-olds. It makes you tired just thinking about it. For more information, you can visit the author's website.

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