Reviews of Australian Books #38A (Numbering error)

In "The Guardian", Matthew Lewin briefly looks at the re-released novel In The Evil Day by Peter Temple: "The characters are real, the action convincing and the writing style satisfyingly literate."

Ken Parish reviews Best Australian Essays 2006 edited by Drusilla Modjeska, on the "Club Troppo" weblog. "If I want a piece of didactic, ideologically loaded writing, I can always read the op-ed pages of any newspaper, or for that matter most blog posts. An essay needs to be more reflective, teasing out nuances of a topic in a way that surprises and delights (or frightens or saddens)...Quite a few of the essays in BAE 2006 are of that sort, but quite a few disappoint. BAE 2006 is a literary curate's egg: good in parts."

In "The Daily Yomiuri" from Japan, Stephen Taylor reviews Clive James's latest memoir, North Face of Soho: "The Antipodean's anecdotes are humorous without being too lightweight or frothy and, though an index would have been useful, North Face of Soho is a fascinating journey through the British media and literary world from the late '60s to the early 1980s."

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