Articulate interviews Shane Jiraiya Cummings

The Articulate weblog interviews Shane Jiraiya Cummings on the occasion of the release of two new horror anthologies: Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror 2006 and Book of Shadows from Brimstone Press.

"The 'anthologies don't sell' tag has become almost mythologised of late. The reason anthologies (and horror for that matter) are perceived to not sell is because publishers aren't pushing them. It's a catch-22. Are bookstores not carrying short fiction anthologies because they don't sell, or are short fiction anthologies not selling because bookstores are not carrying a variety of titles?

"We believe, with passion and marketing behind our anthologies, we may be able to address this misconception. It's about believing in what you are publishing, and we're 100 per cent committed."

Are we about to see a resurgence in the small press market in Australia? I hope so.

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