On Other Blogs #10

Dean follows up on the Tim Flannery award story over on his weblog. Flannery looks like starting his work at Macquarie University at the start of the 2007 academic year.

Kim, on her "Reading Matters" blog, raises some very interesting questions regarding the relationships between lit bloggers and publishers. It's made me rethink my own review policies and incorporate her ideas into mine. A very lively discussion has ensued over her comments, with some commenters not totally in agreement.

Margo Lanagan gets back into blogging, after being swamped at work, only to come off her bike and break a collarbone. Given she is only typing with one hand now expect the postings to drop off. We wish her well.

Jo Case, deputy editor of "Australian Book Review", blogs about her bimonthly appearance on Triple R, a Melbourne community radio station. Good stuff it is, too.

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