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It's hard to believe you could put those four words into a title without it being a joke. But that is what is proposed. From the website:


To dispatch a poet, David Fine, to the Antipodes for the next five test matches between England and Australia in order to describe and explain the series in poetry, and explore the relationship between the two sides, supporters and countries as a poetical anthropologist.


Twenty five poems, one for each day's play in the five tests between 23rd November 2006 - 6th January 2007. This would be the key outcome. An example, Gardening With Afridi, from last season's overseas' tours, is included below:- · Working with The Barmy Army and others to review literary horizons and appeal of poetry... · A poetical-anthropological series of essays; style between Bill Bryson & C L R James · A regular end-of-play radio programme reflecting the atmosphere and feel around the game itself - a radio essay for Radio Derby after the end of play each day and Peak Support will provide all equipment and training for me to do this. · report back to National Association of Literature Development on Australian literature development.

There has been some cricket poetry written in Australia with the most notable probably being How M'Dougall Topped the Score by Thomas E. Spencer. Needless to say C.J. Dennis a number during his period as resident poet for the Melbourne "Herald". We'll keep an eye on this one.

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