On Other Blogs #4

The Australian Book Review's blog has reappeared after a two month gap. The first posting was on 7th August and this second on 2nd October. This time round Tamas Pataki "he writes about his background, his critical approach, ... and his views about what makes a good book review." Which reads like it could be a piece for the ABR itself. Not sure what the magazine is trying to do here. But doing it a bit more often might lead us to some conclusions.

Australian writer Sherryl Clark discusses dialogue, how to write it and how to get an ear for it, on Books and Writing. I
liked the line: "Listening to daytime soaps will also teach you about dialogue - how to be boring and repetitious and explain everything three times. That's the job of dialogue in soaps. It's not what you do on the page, because a reader who fell asleep and missed a bit can just flick back a couple of pages and read them again."

Judith Ridge writes about children's literature on her New Misrule blog, providing news and commentary on the genre. I like blogs like this; blogs that concentrate on a particular genre or section of the literary world. You get a level of directed enthusiasm that is often dissipated on blogs with a wider scope. I notice Judith is reading Wendy James's novel Out of the Silence, which seems to be emerging as a favourite of Australian litbloggers.

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