On Other Blogs #6

Sean Williams announces the
upcoming publication of his new novel, Saturn Returns. He's also posted a scan of the cover. Tell me, has there been a resurgence in the space opera sub-genre lately that I missed?

On the "Sarsaparilla" litblog David reviews the "Heroes and Villians" exhibition of Australian comic books at the State Library of Victoria, which I noted a couple of weeks back. I still need to get along to this.

Kerryn reviews Andrew McGahan's latest novel, Underground, on her weblog "White Thoughts No One Sees". Her opening sentence pretty much says it all: "It has been some time since I started and finished a book in one sitting." What author wouldn't long for a review to begin like that.

On the "Happy Antipodean" weblog, Dean reviews the latest Quarterly Essay, The History Question: Who Owns the Past? by Inga Clendinnen. This essay hooks into the article by Jane Sullivan in "The Age" over the weekend.

Alice Garner's new memoir, The Student Chronicles is reviewed by be_zen8 on the "Books Give Wings" weblog. "I found the first half more interesting than the second, and I actually developed a few small complaints about it toward the end. Firstly, this is not a typical university student's chronicle as she might claim. Alice's parents are both academics (and her mother is incredibly well-known.) She was heavily subsided and she was an actress at the time. I would really love to read an account of someone, who like me, has spent years struggling to truly make ends meet while studying."

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