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A few books have, or are about to, hit the shelves here in Australia that I thought were of interest. Kate Grenville's Searching for the Secret River was released in late August while I was on holidays so I missed the reviews of it then. As might be expected from the title, it tells Grenville's story of how she came to write The Secret River. Book clubs everywhere sigh with relief.

Text Publishing have re-released Peter Temple's novel In the Evil Day, which first saw the light of day in 2002. According to "The Age" in late August: " He is now writing a novel featuring some of the characters from The Broken Shore, although its hero, Joe Cashin, features only in passing. Temple said he did not want to create another 'series character. I'm not abandoning Jack Irish (who has featured in several of his novels) and having got some distance I'm feeling better about going back. If you do them too often the characters get bored with you and you get bored with them.'...He has written Valentine's Day, an original TV screenplay that will go into production in April, and adapted for television his first novel, Bad Debts." So it's good to see he's keeping busy.

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