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Things are going to get a little slow around here over the next few weeks. On Monday I'm off to the US to attend this year's World Science Fiction Convention, LACon IV, and will then be spending 2½ weeks on holiday with the family. I've set up a few postings that I can publish over that time, I'll keep an eye out for the various book awards that are due to be announced over the coming weeks, and I'll approve comments as they appear. But news items and detailed commentary is going to be thin on the ground. I'll be back on deck around September 14. Play nice till then.

Don't forget that the 2006 Hugo Awards will be announced at LACon, and among the nominees is Margo Lanagan for "Singing My Sister Down" in the Short Story category, while K.J. Bishop is nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Good luck to both of them. I'll be watching.

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