Reviews of Australian Books #25

A couple of Australian crime novels are getting some notice in overseas newspapers.

Susanna Yager, in "The Daily Telegraph", continues the UK's infatuation with The Broken Shore by Peter Temple: "This is a very fine book. Characterisation, dialogue and the quality of the prose are all top-class and Cashin, a quiet, solitary man with a wry sense of humour, constantly tormented by his responsibility for the death of a colleague, is instantly likeable."

And across the water, Marietta Dunn, in "The Philadelphia Inquirer", is impressed with Garry Disher's Snapshot, the third in his Hal Challis novels: "While many readers want their thrillers with gouts of gore and endless gunplay, for me, a writer like Disher - old-fashioned in the best sense of the term - is the most satisfying. The humanity that his officers bring to the story, their interactions, their doggedness and determination, are the real reasons to give his series a try."

This is the second Disher title to be published by Soho Press this month, and it's good to see them looking down this way for some of their foreign crime titles.

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