Books on Australian Television

"The Age" today reports that ABC television has commissioned a series of programs about books and publishing.

Journalist and publisher Jennifer Byrne is set to give Oprah a run for her money. She will host First Tuesday Book Club on ABC TV. Byrne will be joined by (you guessed it) a panel of book lovers and experts who will discuss titles from fiction, non-fiction, biography, thriller, romance and history genres. Byrne, publishing director at Reed Books in the mid-1990s also fronted the ABC's My Favourite Book special. She said the show would "hunt out the best and liveliest of the new, the memorable of the old - and everyone's invited". ABC TV head of arts and entertainment Courtney Gibson said that the show - to air the first Tuesday of each month from August 1 - would include online viewer discussion.
One program a month! Well, at least it's better than the nothing we are experiencing at present.

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