Peter Carey Interview

Benedicte Page, of The Bookseller, has published an interview titled "Peter Carey: Fakes, Frauds, Lies and Hoaxes". Carey talks about his upcoming novel Theft: A Love Story (due from Faber in June), James Frey, and the place of Australia in the literary pantheon: "There is this whole issue for Australia of being on the periphery and having no cultural authority, of cultural authority being determined elsewhere--in New York or in
London--and Australians have taken huge pleasure in undermining that authority and proving it wrong."

And about the prospect of returning home: "I've followed my life--one follows it, not makes it--and my ex-wife really, really wanted to come and live here. I would never have thought of coming in a million years but there was no reason not to, so that happened...yes, a time will come to go back to Australia. I'm on a kind of moral holiday."

[Thanks to The Literary Saloon for the heads-up.]

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