Great Australian Authors #16 - Gwen Harwood


Gwen Harwood (1920 - 1995)

Show me the order of the world,
the hard-edge light of this-is-so
prior to all experience and common
to both world and thought, no model,
but the truth itself.
   Language is not a perfect game,
   and if it were, how could we play?
   The world's more than the sum of things
   like moon, sky, centre, body, bed,
   as all the singing masters know.
   Picture two lovers side by side
   who sleep and dream and wake to hold
   the real and imagined world
   body by body, word by word
   in the wild halo of their thought.

"Thought is Surrounded by a Halo" [Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations 97] by Gwen Harwood

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