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Here's a problem that I've been finding with MovableType from time to time: previewing entries in the weblog doesn't show exactly how the entry will appear when it's published. This especially occurs with special characters such as é and ü. But it also happens when I cut and paste quotes from other web pages directly into these weblog entries. In those cases such simple punctuation marks as single and double quotes and dashes come out looking decidely dodgy in the final published version, after looking perfectly acceptable during the entry preview process.

For most of the readers of this weblog this won't be problem, I'll notice the error in the entry and fix it so it comes out properly on the weblog. However, those readers who read this weblog via such sites as Bloglines or MetaxuCafe are going to receive double entries: one for the first publication and another for any subsequent edit. To them I send my apologies. I'll have to get my ISP to upgrade to a later version or MovableType and see if the problem is fixed.

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