Kings of the Hill

Long term readers may remember news items from earlier in the year dealing with the collapse of the Australia-wide bookselling chain, Collins. Deeply involved in that collapse was one of my favourite bookstores, Hill of Content, at the top end of Bourke Street, here in Melbourne.

The bad news at the time involved the collapse, the good news was that the bookshop in question was rescued by 4 bookshop owners who already owned Collins franchises, which hadn't been affected by the business problems. Now the even better news is that the other Collins franchisees have banded together to form a new company, which is thriving. And the Hill of Content is going from strength to strength.

Internet book sales are a threat, but also an opportunity. "People look up the books on the net and come into our shop and order it," Mrs Johnston said. "People just love to come in and feel and smell the books."

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