Poem: Flirtation by Gilrooney (R.J. Cassidy)

So you'd rather take your book
To some peaceful, shady nook,
   Hapless churl!
O, but I would rather be
In the joyful company
   Of a girl.

I have crammed my aching head
With an occult language dead;
   Studied hard
All the star-worlds up above,
Careless of a woman's love
   Or regard.

I have studied -- and for what?
Ah, for nothing worth a jot,
   Save to find
That I drifted on and out
To the realms of Dread and Doubt,
   From mankind.

So, put your books away,
Aye, for ever from to-day,
   Classic churl;
And bide a while with me
In the sweet society
   Of a girl.

First published in The Bulletin, 21 July 1904

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