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On the publication of her new novel You Gotta Have Balls, Lily Brett is href="">profiled in "The Bulletin Magazine".

Lily Brett's favourite lipstick is called Sheer Power. It's an appropriate shade for a woman whose latest novel, You Gotta Have Balls, makes a couple of provocative statements about how little support women offer each other. When the book's heroine, Ruth Rothwax, who runs a customised letter-writing business, attempts to establish a women's group with the intention of creating a support network, she finds herself stumped: her friends don't want to join, or have a different agenda. Brett has experienced this frustration first-hand and believes it is genetic. "Men are not like that, they just get on with it," she says. "They don't have to be best friends to help each other out. Women criticise and undermine each other with comments about their appearance. When Martha Stewart went to jail, her harshest critics were women. This is something that has been bugging me for years and I decided it was time to write about it."

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