Current Reading Habits

1. Read every day.

2. Always use a bookmark.

3. Remove dustjackets from hardbacks before reading.

4. Always take a book with you.

5. Keep a list of the books you read.

6. Set yourself goals: number in a year, types (fiction, non-fiction, biography), nationality of author, classics, first-time authors.

7. Don't stick to one genre for too long - no more than 2 or 3 in a row.

8. Don't feel guilty about reading, or about not reading.

9. Talk about books to everyone, but not all the time.

10. Listen to suggestions, and give them freely.

11. Give books as presents.

12. Visit the library, often.

13. Browse in bookshops new and used, but don't feel compelled to buy.

14. Keep a list of books you want - pass this along to nearest and dearest as birthdays and Christmas approach.

15. Just enjoy it - if it isn't working move on.

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