The 2005 "Australian"/Vogel Literary Award Winner

Victorian Andrew O'Connor, author of Tuvalu, has been announced as the winner of the 2005 "Australian"/Vogel Literary Award. 'The judges - Jean Bedford, John Dale, Hilary McPhee and Liam Davison - said Tuvalu was "always surprising" and that its prose was "assured and fluid and the observations genuinely original". It will be published next year by Allen & Unwin, a co-sponsor of the prize.' I look forward to it. I have yet to read a winner of this award which can be considered less than worthy. The age limit of 35 is also a bonus. While the authors are still young - especially for some of us who are rather longer in the tooth - they are not just out of high school, and have had a chance to get a bit of life-experience. The novels are all the better for it.

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