Robert Drewe / Louis Nowra / Dinny O'Hearn Part 2

The saga continues in today's "Age" with a follow-up in the letters column. One Bruce Nichol, of Albury, writes that he believes he was probably in the pub on the night Nowra and O'Hearn went at it. Now I should mention that part of the story I left out yesterday (cos I didn't think it was that interesting and cos I didn't want to get sued for copyright infringement) concerned Nowra's determination not to mess up his suit during the aforementioned donnnybrook. Of course Nichol picks up on this point: "...I believe I was in the bar at Stewart's Hotel in Carlton at the time of the alleged affray, and all I can remember after all this time was an inconspicuous bloke picking a blue with the well-known-at-Stewart's Dinny, and then, almost in tears, shouting: 'Don't rip my coat!' 'My coat!' 'Watch out for my coat!' There wasn't much 'clocking' being done."

It just gets better and better. As a means of dating this little incident, which Drewe neglected to do in his original piece, O'Hearn's review of Palu was published in "The Age" on 5th September 1987.

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