Unlikely Place for a Book Launch

On Monday, under the gallows of the Old Melbourne gaol, John Bryson, author of Evil Angels, launched a new book by Kevin Morgan, titled Gun Alley: Murder, Lies and Failure of Justice.

The book tells the story of Colin Ross, who was hanged on April 24, 1922, for the rape and murder of schoolgirl Alma Tirtschke. Morgan, however, believes the wrong man was sentenced to death and executed and explains all in his new book. "What is sought is nothing less than a complete quashing of the 1922 verdict by the jury."

And it appears he has the backing of Melbourne lawyers Ian Hill, QC, and Tony Hargreaves in his attempt to return the case to the Court of Appeal. The State's Attorney-General, Rob Hulls, has stated that a quashing of the conviction is possible if the Court is satisfied that key evidence in the original trial was flawed.

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