Reviews by Australians #5

Thomas Keneally (as he seems to be when he writes non-fiction or reviews) takes on The English Dane by Sarah Bakewell in this weekend's "Guardian": "Jorgenson is remembered both as king of Iceland for one heady summer at one end of the globe, and the Viking of Van Diemen's Land at the other, and to an extent he seems a being created by the Earth's zapping north-south electric field. When the Prince of Denmark recently wedded his Tasmanian (Van Diemen's Land) wife, he declared he followed in the earlier Dane, Jorgenson's, footsteps with just as much hope and just as much confidence. The prince did not mention Jorgenson's endlessly zealous, inventive and disordered brilliance."

Keneally is won over by both the story and the style here "...her affection for him adds grace to this wonderful, intelligently told story." This book was also noted in last week's Weekend Round-Up, though only briefly.

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