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Kerry Greenwood is profiled on the New Zealand Stuff website in conjunction with the release of her new novel, Heavenly Pleasures, in that country. This weblog featured the book a couple of days back. Greenwood, who works part-time as a lawyer with Victoria Legal Aid, doesn't utilise much of her legal career in her writing.

"You can't make a good plot out of my clients, because lined up at the magistrates court every Thursday, out of the 15 I represent, about 13 have done something mind-bogglingly stupid. They haven't thought about it, they haven't
got good reasons for doing it.

"I had two kids as clients and they'd broken the windows of a McDonald's. I was hoping they'd say they didn't like the food or they think McDonald's are ruining the rainforest. So I asked them why they'd broken the windows, and they said the bus was late."

The interview also contains the news that "Greenwood will visit New Zealand to promote the next [book in the Phryne Fisher series], Death by Water, which is published in June. The story is set on a cruise ship, the Hinemoa, that comes to New Zealand". Greenwood then goes on to detail her fascination with New Zealand
cricketer Daniel Vittori:
"He used to look like Harry Potter and I love the way he pushes his eye-glasses up his nose with his finger. He's a bloody good bowler and he's developing into a really good batsman."
[Thanks to Sarah Weinman and her Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind weblog for the link.]

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