Ian Irvine: "The Truth About Publishing"

Australian sf/fantasy writer Ian Irvine has been getting a few mentions over the past week or so due to the article titled "The Truth About Publishing: Second Edition" which he has posted to his website. I first became aware of it via Sarah Weinman, who in turn says she found out about it from Justine Larbalestier, who was told about it by Kim Wilkins. Just another example of the many connections that the literary side of the web has to offer.

Irvine's article is aimed at the first-time or beginning novellist and sets out to explode a number of myths about the publishing industry. The interesting thing about this piece is that it has been written with Australian novellists particularly in mind. It is an excellent piece of work. Not too long, chatty but informative, and convinces you that if you can't put up with all the crap he lists then you really aren't cut out for the writing business. The world doesn't need more writers, just more good ones.

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