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Occasionally "The Age's" Epicure section contains some reviews of cooking and food books along with its recipes, restaurant, wine and beer reviews.

Liz Cinotta applauds Moroccan Modern by Hassan M'Souli with: "It was refreshing to find a cookbook that included a mix of the author's original creations as well as the traditional ones with which we might be more familiar." As to the details there's "an impressive chapter on vegetables and salads...Tagine recipes include Moroccan meatballs, sweet lamb, fish and the ubiquitous chicken with preserved lemon and olives." My wife and I are big fans of the Moroccan cooking style as we find it gives us a lot more variations on the standard lamb fare we are used to - and the kids will eat it as well. So this might just be the book for us.

Richard Cornish has some reservations about Spice: The History of a Temptation by Jack Turner. While providing a lot of historical and technical detail Cornish finds it lacks a focused narrative. Given its wide subject area (both in terms of geography and carpology) this is hardly surprising. This appears to be a good companion volume to Ian Hemphill's Spice
from 2000.

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