Australia's Humane, Moral Immigration Policy. Cough.

Yet again the Australian Government has shown its true colours in regards to its immigration/refugee policy with the news that a Rebel Writer Faces Extradition to Iran. The writer in question is Ardeshir Gholipour who has been detained by the Australian Government since 2000 as it sought to examine his application for refugee status. Five years? Come on.

The facts of the case seem pretty clear and the support for his application from local writers and International PEN should surely have provided all the necessary information. But obviously not enough. Even faced with the evidence that Gholipour's fellow writers have been murdered and imprisoned for daring to write articles critical of the Iranian Government stands for nothing, as far as Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone is concerned.

Each time I come across items such as this I think the Government must surely have learnt the lesson of compassion by now and will act humanely and responsibly. And each time I am bitterly disappointed. Bastards!

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