A. Bertram Chandler

A. Bertram Chandler was born in Aldershot, England, in 1912, and migrated to Australia in 1956. Mainly known as a science fiction writer, he began writing short stories for John W. Campbell's Astounding during the Second World War. After moving to Australia he concentrated mainly on sf novels, many of them set in his 'Rim Worlds' sequence, featuring Commander Grimes (a sort of galactic Horatio Hornblower). He was known and honoured around the world - culminating in being Guest-of-Honor at the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago in 1982. He died in Sydney in 1984.

Now David Kelleher, a long-time Chandler fan, has created a website devoted to Chandler. Of special interest to me is the associated page which contains a number of pieces that Chandler wrote for various sf fanzines (such as "Australian Science Fiction Review", "The Mentor" and "Science Fiction") and other general literary magazines (such as "The Australian Author"). Kelleher also reports that Chandler's story "Familiar Pattern" will be the featured story on the www.scifi.com/ website from 2nd February. I think it will only be there for a week.

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