Index of First Lines - [W - Z]


This page contains an index to the first lines of the poems and prose pieces of CJ Dennis that I have been able to find. Links are only included where the titles have been transcribed. As you might expect this number is rather small at the moment but it will increase over the time ahead. Where possible I will include details of first or major publication. Details of which Dennis publications have been transcribed into the listing are available.

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The ways of the learned to me are "Greek,"WhalesSun 1927
We curse our lot; we gird at fate;CataclysmHerald 1931
We didn't like the bo'sun's mate -A Deep Sea Chantey (New Style)Herald 1922
Welcome, our William! Not, perhaps too much'Tis an Ill WindSun 1927
What care I what wins the races?Rain!Sun 1927
What do you think I saw to-day when I arose at dawn?The Dawn DanceA Book for Kids
What have we missed? Now he returns no moreThe Dinkum Aussie BlockHerald 1933
What's the use?CookedThe Bulletin 1909
When artists wore a flowing mane,Art is Long - Hair is ShortHerald 1933
When he was quite a small boy, FrankFrank and his Little BankHerald 1931
When I go back from Billy's place I always have to roamThe Long Road HomeA Book for Kids
When I look into the looking glassThe Looking GlassA Book for Kids
When I'm out among the fellows, with the work to hold my mind,A Lonely ManJim of the Hills
"When I'm sittin' in me dug-out wiv me rifle on me knees,The Singing SoldiersThe Moods of Ginger Mick
When lovely woman stoopsThe Thrifty VoteBulletin 1912
When Ned was a neophyte nobody heeded him."Ned"Herald 1931
When Pharoah chased the chosen Jew, and perished in the sea,CheekThe Bulletin 1909
When the Laborites and Liberals are bickering,The Mellowing of JoeBulletin 1912
When the scheming Fusion fewThe WobblersThe Bulletin 1910
When we went singing down the road,HopeHerald 1931
When you are queen of all the courts,PublicitySun 1927
When you're muffled to the chin andImmuneSun 1927
Whene'er I read some savage taleThe Age of ReasonBulletin 1912
Who wants a nice white elephant,The IncubusHerald 1931
Why did you play your spade in there? (said she).One Dull ManHerald 1931
"Why do they do it? I dunno,"The Boys Out ThereDigger Smith
"Why stone the crows!" 'e sez. "I like 'er style,"Stone the Crows"Rose of Spadgers
Winter comes; and our complaintsWinterSun 1927
With melancholy mien, stand up!The Silent ToastThe Bulletin 1910
"A woman's work is never done,"Whose Blame?Herald 1931
Women is strange. You take my tip; I'm wise.A Woman's WayRose of Spadgers
A word out of seasonGolden SilenceHerald 1931
The world 'as got me snouted jist a treat;A Spring SongThe Sentimental Bloke
Wot price ole Ginger Mick? 'E's done a break -The Call of StoushThe Moods of Ginger Mick
Wot's in a name?-- she sez . . . An' then she sighs,The PlayThe Sentimental Bloke


Yes!!! So we willA BouquetHerald 1922
You are as young, O lady mine,Beauty's BlemishHerald 1931
You are much too big to dandle,LullabyA Book for Kids
You can't expect it! Goodness me!Asking Too MuchThe Bulletin 1911
You can't get away from the Smiths.Ubiquitous SmithHerald 1933
"Young friend," 'e sez . . . Young friend!Pilot CoveThe Sentimental Bloke
"Young friend!" . . . I tries to duck, but miss the bus.A Holy WarRose of Spadgers
Young man about to marry,InuredSun 1927


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