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This page contains an index to the first lines of the poems and prose pieces of CJ Dennis that I have been able to find. Links are only included where the titles have been transcribed. As you might expect this number is rather small at the moment but it will increase over the time ahead. Where possible I will include details of first or major publication. Details of which Dennis publications have been transcribed into the listing are available.

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'E 'ad spragged me before for the loan of a quid.Fiduciary FriendshipHerald 1931
'E calls me Digger; that's 'ow 'e begins.Digger SmithDigger Smith
'E sez to me, "Wot's orl this flamin' war?WarThe Moods of Ginger Mick
"'E wears perjarmer soots an' cleans 'is teeth,"Ginger's CobberThe Moods of Ginger Mick
'E's a terrible bloke is this Hughes, Bill Hughes;Terrible BillBulletin 1912
Early today, I chanced to spyA Song of SolidarityHerald 1931
'Er name's Doreen ...Well, spare me bloomin' days!The IntroThe Sentimental Bloke
"'Er pore dear Par." she sez, "'e kept a store";MarThe Sentimental Bloke
"'Ere! 'Ave a 'eart!" 'e sez. "Why, love a duck!"'Ave a 'Eart"Rose of Spadgers
"'Eroes? Orright. You 'ave it 'ow yeh like.The Straight GriffinThe Moods of Ginger Mick
'E's a tough ole salt,Fust Mate JoeThe Bulletin 1909
'Excuse me if I sit on you,' the cup said to the saucer.Tea TalkA Book for Kids

Far away in Arnhmen LandThe Point of ViewHerald 1933
The feel of a pick in yer hand at last,Swinging a PickHerald 1931
Flippity-flop! Flippity-flop!Riding SongA Book for Kids
Follow the river and cross the ford,The Glug QuestThe Glugs of Gosh
Friends!In the DoldrumsHerald 1922
From Camoweal to Windywoe, from Windywoe to Thirstyville,The InsectThe Bulletin 1910

Gentlemen, I'd like to mewntion, with your very kind attention,The Liberal ConstitutionBulletin 1912
George was never for sport or game;ReformationSun 1927
Girls!A Few Lines to BeautyHerald 1922
Give me a dad who knows his placeThe Modern CherubHerald 1922
The Glugs abide in a far, far landJoi, The GlugThe Glugs of Gosh
The Glugs still live in the land of Gosh,The Little Red DogThe Glugs of Gosh
God help us all!...O God of Pharisees.The Psalms of the PhariseesThe Bulletin 1911
Government muddles, departments dazed,Emily AnnThe Glugs of Gosh
Grey thrush was in the wattle tree, an', "Oh, you pretty dear!"Grey ThrushJim of the Hills

Hail, smiling morn! The passing tram-car's bellThe TherapoetSun 1927
Have you heard the inscrutable mutable Alf,Affable AlfThe Bulletin 1909
Have you heard the magniloquent, eloquent Jim?"Jim"Herald 1931
He has fallen in the furrow. Rest his soul . . . .ConsummationHerald 1933 | RV
He has made many mealsThe Over-Fed FuseThe Bulletin 1910
He is a clever politician stillPerhapsThe Bulletin 1910
He staggered from the bar-room door,The Precious WordHerald 1931
He was a Glug of simple charm;The DebateThe Glugs of Gosh
He was a man of the union clanThe Bolshie NurseHerald 1922
He was lyin' on his bunk, The Reaper in the BushJim of the Hills
He was obviously English, in his Harris tweeds and stockings.ToolangiBulletin 1912 | BBO
The heathen's not efficient;Happy HeathenHerald 1931
Heigh, ho! But they're talking, talking,Heigh, Ho!Herald 1931
"Heirlums," 'e sez. "I've 'ad the trousiz pressed.The DanceRose of Spadgers
Here my fancy finished; so,The Dream and the CupThe Bulletin
Here's a ridiculous riddle for you:WoolloomoolooA Book for Kids
Here's to every Aussie fellow,A New Year's ToastHerald 1931
"He's blind," we say. Then turn asideA Blind Man in the StreetHerald 1931
Hey, there! Hoop-la! the circus is in town!The CircusA Book for Kids
Hey, there! Listen awhile! Listen awhile, and come.The BandA Book for Kids
Hi, it's a funny world! This mornin' when I wokeRed RobinJim of the Hills
High on the hills, where the tall trees grow,The AxemanA Book for Kids
Hist! . . . . . . Hark!Hist!A Book for Kids
Ho, the good ship Fusion's 'ove in sightRope's EndThe Bulletin 1909
Ho, the old Egyptian people,Torkin'The Bulletin 1909
"Ho! the sky's as blue as blazes an' the sun is shinin' bright,The GameThe Moods of Ginger Mick
The Honorable TORYPHAT addressed the meeting: 'Hem!The InterloperThe Bulletin 1911
Hoping you will not deem it rude,KsmithHerald 1931
How many have you broken up till now?January 2ndHerald 1931

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