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This page contains an index to the first lines of the poems of CJ Dennis that I have been able to find. Links are only included where the titles have been transcribed. As you might expect this number is rather small at the moment but it will increase over the time ahead. Where possible I will include details of first or major publication. Details of which Dennis publications have been transcribed into the listing are available.

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After Strezlecki, settlers came,The Ridge RoadHerald 1931
Ah, yes, but the story's an old one now;Under the Party PlanBulletin 1912 | BBO
Ah, well, the thing that lived lives on,The DramaHerald 1931
"Ah, wot's the use?" she sez. "Lea' me alone!RoseRose of Spadgers
Aha! Beware! I know your guilty past!Aha! Beware!The Bulletin 1910
An'--wilt--yeh--take--this--woman--fer--to--beThe Stror 'At CootThe Sentimental Bloke
Ar, these is 'appy days! An' 'ow they've flown -The Stoush O' DayThe Sentimental Bloke
"Ar! Gimme fights wiv foeman I kin see,RabbitsThe Moods of Ginger Mick
Ar, wimmin! Wot a blinded fool I've been!HitchedThe Sentimental Bloke
Are we so flabby, and are we so soft?The Heritage of EaseHerald 1931
Are ye frugal, 0 my brothers? Are ye putting by the pence?ThriftThe Bulletin 1910
(Are you there?) I'll ring up Johnson and impart this wondrous news;ProgressSun 1927
As I rode in to Burrumbeet,The TravellerA Book for Kids
At any other time of yearA Freak of SpringJim of the Hills
At the risk of seeming silly,"Billy"Herald 1931
Australia's foremost citizen well knows -Noblesse ObligeSun 1927
Avaunt! What news is this I hearThe DictatorThe Bulletin 1910

B. Smith would most undoubtedly be very, very crossA Matter of DegreeThe Bulletin
Because some unimportant manAntarctic PioneersHerald 1931
Becos a crook done in a prince, an' narked an Emperor,The PushThe Moods of Ginger Mick
"Before the war," she sighs. "Before the war."Before the WarDigger Smith
Beneath a lamp in Spring-street, on a recent calm spring night,The Disillusioned FuseThe Bulletin 1909
Betty Yack, of Mittyack, charming was and young;The AlternativeSun 1927
Bill Barcoo was a station 'and - 'e was a station 'and,The Faithless FantodsThe Bulletin 1909
Born to the sun and smiling skies,MelbaHerald 1931
Boss Oberseer, Dat BULLUMTIN! Goo' day, boss Plurry 'ot!King Billy Chips InThe Bulletin 1911
Brothers!....EchoesBulletin 1912
Brothers!PlaytimeHerald 1922
Brothers!The Wonders of the One Pound NoteHerald 1922
But a scant 2000 folk, no more,Hundreds and ThousandsThe Bulletin 1909
But, why a picnic, Jane? We went last year,Why a Picnic, Jane?Herald 1933

Cackle and lay, cackle and lay!The FamineA Book for Kids
Cackle and lay, cackle and lay!The FeastA Book for Kids
Candidly, I do not hug aMugga MuggaThe Bulletin 1909
Charity, Charity - parson and priestThe MendicantsThe Bulletin 1908
The Children of the Sun are out,Children of the SunHerald 1931
Come, let us sing with a right good ringThe Song of the Sulky StockmanA Book for Kids
Come mourn with me for the land of Gosh,The Swanks of GoshThe Glugs of Gosh
The conq'rin' 'ero! Me? Yes, I don't think.The Knight's ReturnRose of Spadgers
Contributions are invited to this column.Call for ContributionsHerald 1922
Cooee! Well, Dig, I s'pose you've 'eard that row'Ang Up Yer 'AtSun 1927
The cynic scoffs, as he ever scoffedThe Straight RoadHerald 1931

The dawnin' of prosperityThe Down-Hill TrackHerald 1933
Deah Ladies, - Let me wawn you, theah are feahful taimes to come,A Warning to LadiesThe Bulletin 1910
Dear brothers, gather round, and let us prayThe Safeguards of SocietyBulletin 1912
Dear friends, I'm Deakin....The ApologistThe Bulletin 1910
Dear ladies, I implore you, for your own sake [and for ours],Soft Soap for LadiesThe Bulletin 1911
Dearest!A Love LetterHerald 1922
Did you see them pass to-day, Billy, Kate and Robin,Going to SchoolA Book for Kids
The diggers came from Bendigo,Pretty SallyHerald 1931 | RV
Discerning Mr. Murphy seesDiscerning Mr MurphyThe Bulletin 1906
Do you know this mysterious, serious Watt -The Dark HorseHerald 1922
Down by the slipralls stands our cowOur CowA Book for Kids
Down thro' the ages these same sticksThe Lips of AgesHerald 1931
"Dreamin'?" I sez to Digger Smith.A Square DealDigger Smith

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