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This page contains an index to the first lines of the poems and prose pieces of CJ Dennis that I have been able to find. Links are only included where the titles have been transcribed. As you might expect this number is rather small at the moment but it will increase over the time ahead. Where possible I will include details of first or major publication. Details of which Dennis publications have been transcribed into the listing are available.

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Laddie, if you stick to that, your chance of happy lifeThe TriersSun 1927
Last night we dreamed and thought we interviewed -ReparteeHerald 1922
Let's have a tiny little bush fire.The Bush FireHerald 1931
The little gipsy vi'lits, they wus peepin' thro' the greenWashing DayDoreen
Listen, Elaine. Tho' I'm not mad on racing,Listen, Elaine!Herald 1933
Little Miss MuffetLittle Miss MuffetHerald 1922
Little Tommy Tadpole began to weep and wail,Growing UpA Book for Kids
Lo, the poor Indian, in his obscurity,SutteeThe Bulletin 1909
Look 'ere. I'll bet a 'arf-a-crownFire BugsHerald 1931
Lord, Who, from Thy high position,The HymnThe Bulletin 1909
Lord, Who made the Fatman,Prayer for TravellersThe Bulletin 1910

A man's a mug. I've worked the 'ole thing outNarcissusRose of Spadgers
A man without a party, he"The Lone Wolf of Canberra"Herald 1931
A masterful being, magnetic, far-seeing,"Ted"Herald 1931
Me photer's in the papers! 'Oly wars!Spike WeggRose of Spadgers
Mister Chairman; - er - ah - whenThe Logic of Anti-SoshThe Bulletin 1909
Mister Editer, - I'm writin' in the int'rests of the farmer,The Farmers' VoteThe Bulletin 1911
A month ago the world grew grey fer me;"A Gallant Gentleman"The Moods of Ginger Mick
"Mother, may I go in to swim?"Modern HygieneSun 1927
Mr Jeremiah JeffersThe Spotted HeifersA Book for Kids
Mr. Pericles, M.P.,The Hoary PrecedentBulletin 1912
Mrs Dibbs - Polly Dibbs,Polly DibbsA Book for Kids
"Must we submit, while they filch from usA Politician's LogicHerald 1931
My friends!Sunday SportHerald 1922
"My oath!" the Duchess sez. "You'd not ixpectA Digger's TaleDigger Smith
My son! . . . Them words, jist like a blessed song,The KidThe Sentimental Bloke
"My sort," she sez, "don't meet no fairy prince."Listener's LuckRose of Spadgers

A new chum went, to ease his care,The New Chum RoadHerald 1931 | RV
A noble lesson this should teach,The FowlBulletin 1906
Nobody knew why it should be so;The Rhymes of SymThe Glugs of Gosh
No; I ain't got a talent for races.The Urging of UncleHerald 1933
No longer wilful woman hidesFrench LeaveSun 1927
Not guilty, yer Honers! I talks to yer straight!The DefenceBulletin 1912
Now a hat is a hat, and a head is a head,The Royal HatBackblock Ballads and Other Verses
Now, a man in OodnadattaA Change of AirA Book for Kids
Now, a visitor from somewhere right outside this Mundane Ball -The Eternal CircleBulletin 1912 | BBO
"Now, be the Hokey Fly!" sez Peter Begg.JimDigger Smith
Now, children, in this Lesson Two,Politics for Tots: Lesson 2 - "The Party"Herald 1931
Now, children, your attention fixPolitics for Tots: Lesson 1 -Strong Men and WeaklingsHerald 1931
Now, here is a tale of the Glugs of Gosh,The Stones of GoshThe Glugs of Gosh
Now, I always have preserved a certain attitudeWork or ReflectionBulletin 1912 | BBL
Now, I calls it a fair knock out,The Preferential PushBulletin 1912
Now is the day for the ultimate choice;The PeopleHerald 1931
Now is the healing, quiet hour that fillsIn a Forest GardenHerald 1931 | Singing Garden
Now Joi, the rebel, he had a sonSym, The Son of JoiThe Glugs of Gosh
Now listen to me, good masters,UsThe Bulletin 1910
Now Percival Gregory Grandison-LeeThe Fortunes of Grandison-LeeBulletin 1912
Now Sym was a Glug; and 'tis mentioned soThe Growth of SymThe Glugs of Gosh
Now the Wobble went out on the roaring tide,The WobbleThe Bulletin 1910
Now, this ain't a loocid story, but it 'as a 'igh-class moral.The KidThe Bulletin 1909
Now this is the ballad of Jeremy Jones,A Ballad for Elderly KidsBackblock Ballads and Other Verses
Now, when a bloke 'e cracks a bloke fer insults to a skirt,Duck an' FowlThe Moods of Ginger Mick
The numbers are up and we're done in the eye.Song of the Sorry InflationistHerald 1931

O, Cohen, hear our song of sentiment!If Cohen WouldThe Bulletin 1910
O, fellow Australians, listen, attend:Our Black BrudderThe Bulletin 1909
O, ye thoughtful fellow-voters, have ye ever stayed to ponderThe Sheet AnchorThe Bulletin 1910
O ye women! WIMMIN! WEEMIN!!An Appeal to WomenThe Bulletin 1909
An "Ode to the Moon" did he inditeThe MysticThe Bulletin 1908
Of things that roam about the bush I ain't got many fears,The VisionJim of the Hills
Oh, for that kindly copperThe Kindly CopperHerald 1933
Oh, he was old and he was spare;The SwagmanA Book for Kids
Oh, how I love the fine old chapWaitingThe Bulletin 1911
Oh, I've ridden 'em rough an' I've ridden 'em kind,"Musterin"Herald 1931
Oh, loyal Orange breth-er-en.CharityThe Bulletin 1908
Oh, my brothers do not wrangle.CackleThe Bulletin 1909
Oh women of Australia, and ladies, if you please,ToorakThe Bulletin 1908
Old Black JackoOld Black JackoA Book for Kids
Old farmer Jack gazed on his wheat,Old Farmer JackA Book for Kids
Ole Mother Moon 'oo yanks 'er beamin' dileIn Spadger's LaneThe Moods of Ginger Mick
On one fine but fatal morning in the early Eocene,Get WorkBulletin 1912
Once a little sugar ant made up his mind to roam-The Ant ExplorerA Book for Kids
Once on a time a general whose name is handed downThe Leader that Was PushedBulletin 1912
Once on a time, a party by the name of Mr. BULLThe Ballad of Bill's BreechesBackblock Ballads and Other Verses
Once on this historic siteFor a Canberra TabletSun 1927
Once upon a time, in days remote,The Genesis of Gloom (Australian Variety)Herald 1931
"'Oo is that girl," sez Digger Smith,Jim's GirlDigger Smith
The orchardist, with hope aglow,The Expert and the ApricotHerald 1931
Out across the spinifex, out across the sand,The DroversA Book for Kids

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