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This page contains an index to the first lines of the poems and prose pieces of CJ Dennis that I have been able to find. Links are only included where the titles have been transcribed. As you might expect this number is rather small at the moment but it will increase over the time ahead. Where possible I will include details of first or major publication. Details of which Dennis publications have been transcribed into the listing are available.

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'Taint my idea uv argument to call a man a fool,Over the FenceDigger Smith
That's him!! The authentic, identical beast!Granny Discovers Another TigerBulletin 1912
There ain't enough of strikes an' things,The Day of UnrestHerald 1922
There lived a cautious man in days of yore,The Stable DoorThe Bulletin 1908
"There must be some way out," they say.The Way OutHerald 1931
There was never a time in this world so gladThe PendulumHerald 1931
There's a big, brown man in the hinterlandThe Lean Brown ManHerald 1931
There's a breeze about the mountains, it is singin' in the treesSwingin' DouglasJim of the Hills
There's a kid around the cornerThe Kid Around the CornerHerald 1931
There's a mine that can't be floated, up along at Anyplace,Our MineThe Bulletin 1908
There's a very funny insect that you do not often spy,The TriantiwontigongolopeA Book for Kids
There's been fierce argument of lateAnother FusionThe Bulletin 1909
There's joy in legislative hallsFrank the JesterHerald 1931
There's that garrulous old party comin' round this way again!The Nation-Builders' IncubusThe Bulletin 1909
There is a land which, all the year,The Song of the Little AustraliansThe Bulletin 1909
There was a crafty editor -The Tale of Mr BrownThe Bulletin 1909
There was once a man who made a weird machine,An Error in CreationThe Bulletin 1909
They are looking at 'me, good Christian folk,The Sabbath-BreakerThe Bulletin 1911
They climbed the trees . . . As was told before,The End of JoiThe Glugs of Gosh
They have made them songs of the brown-shirts,The Song of the No-ShirtsHerald 1933
They may be duds or they may be drones,ConsummationHerald 1931
They said: "He is an honest man, J.A."A Tribute to Mr. LyonsHerald 1931
They say the eagle is a birdYou and IA Book for Kids
They were forthright days when Jim was born,Jim of MaribyrnongHerald 1931
This ev'nin' I was sittin' wiv Doreen,The Mooch O' LifeThe Sentimental Bloke
"This is the life!" said Dusty Dan -The LackSun 1927
Tho' it sounds a trifle mystic,A Mixed CrewThe Bulletin 1909
The thrush is in the wattle tree, an', "O, you pretty dear!"A Morning SongJim of the Hills
Thunder? Why, no. Some static, may have been -Jove's OpportunitySun 1927
Tidings of gloom! George! Houston! Must you go?To Our Bread and ButterThe Bulletin 1908
'Tis morn.The Anti-SocialistThe Bulletin 1909
'Tis Spring!A Ruined ReversoletThe Bulletin 1908
To all good children over fourDedicationA Book for Kids
To call Australia to armsThe Tory TwistThe Bulletin 1908
Today I met a happy manOne Happy ManHerald 1931
Tomorrow shall your vote decideTomorrow's ChoiceHerald 1931
"Trucks!..."Trucks!Bulletin 1912

"Unless you 'ide that axe," she sez, "'E'll 'urt 'imself reel bad.Logic and Spotted DogDoreen
The unsoiled hand, the sleek, black coat,The ClerkThe Bulletin 1911
Upon the road to RockaboutUpon the Road to RockaboutA Book for Kids

A vase upon the mantelpiece,The Music of Your VoiceA Book for Kids
Victory is not an end.Victory is Not an EndHerald 1931
"Voice of the Bush! what doth it say?"The Voice of the BushBulletin 1905
Voice of the People (wailing dismally):A Dirge of the Morning AfterBulletin 1912

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