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This page contains a glossary for the poems and prose pieces of CJ Dennis that I have been able to find. It is based on the combined glossaries published in Dennis's various books.


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TabbieA female
Take downDeceive; get the best of
Take 'em onEngage them in battle
Take it outTo undergo imprisonment in lieu of a fine
TartA young woman (contraction of sweetheart)
TennerA ten-pound note
Throw in the alleyTo surrender
Time, to doTo serve a term in prison
Time, to have no time forTo regard with impatient disfavour
TipTo forecast; to give; to warn
TipA warning; a prognostication; a hint
TippleStrong drink; to indulge in strong drink
ToffAn exalted person
TornA girl
TookArrested; apprehended
Top, off one'sOut of one's mind
Top off, toTo knock down; to assault
Toss in the towelSee "rag"
Tossed out on my neckRejected
TouchManner; mode; fashion
ToughUnfortunate; hardy also a "tug," q.v.
Tough luckMisfortune
Track withTo woo; to "go walking with"
Treat, aExcessively; abundantly
Tucked awayInterred
TugAn uncouth fellow; a hardy rogue
Tumble to, or to take a tumbleTo comprehend suddenly
Turkey, head overHeels over head
Turn downTo reject; to dismiss
Turn, out of one'slmpertinently; uninvited
TwigTo observe; to espy
Two-up SchoolA gambling den

UmptyAn indefinite numeral
UmptydooFar-fetched; "crook"
Upper-cutln pugilism, an upward blow
Up to usOur turn; our duty

Vag, on theUnder the provisions of the Vagrancy Act

Wade inTake your fill
WallopTo beat; chastise
WasterA reprobate; an utterly useless and unworthy person
Waterworks, to turn on theTo shed tears
WeltA blow
Wet, to getTo become incensed; ill-tempered
White (white man)A true, sterling fellow
White-headed boyA favourite; a pet
Willin'Strenuous; hearty
Win, aSuccess
Wise, to getTo comprehend; to unmask deceit
Wise, to putTo explain; to instruct
WolfTo eat
WordTo accost with fair speech
Wot priceBehold; how nowt
WowserA narrow-minded, intolerant person


YakkerHard Toil
YapTo talk volubly
YowlingWailing; caterwauling



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