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This page contains a glossary for the poems and prose pieces of CJ Dennis that I have been able to find. It is based on the combined glossaries published in Dennis's various books.


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Pack, to send to theTo relegate to obscurity
PalA friend; a niate (Gipsy)
PardA partner; a mate
PartGive; hand over
Pass (pass 'im one)To deliver a blow
Pat, on one'sAlone; single-handed
PeachA desirable young woman; "fresh as a peach"
Peb (pebble)A flash fellow; a "larrikin"
PhizThe face
Pick atTo chaff: to annoy
Pick-up, toTo dispense with the ceremony of a "knockdown" or introduction
Pile it onTo rant; to exaggerate
PinchTo steal; to place under arrest
PipA fit of depression
Pitch a taleTo trump up an excuse; to weave a romance
PlantTo bury
PlugTo smite with the fist
Plug along, toTo proceed doggedly
PlunkAn exclamation expressing the impact of a blow
PodgyFat; plump
PointThe region of the jaw; much sought after by pugilists
Point, toTo seize unfair advantage; to scheme
Pole, up theDistraught through anger, fear, etc.; also, disappeared, vanished
Pot, aA considerable amount; as a "pot of money"
Pot, the oldThe male parent (from "Rhyming Slang," the "old pot and pan"; the "old man"
PradA horse
PugA pugilist
Pull my (or your) legTo deceive or get the best of
Pull offDesist
Pull, to take aTo desist; to discontinue
Punch a cowTo conduct a team of oxen
PunterThe natural prey of a "bookie," q.v.
PushA company of rowdy fellows gathered together for ungentle purposes
Push up the daisies, toTo be interred

Queer the pitchTo frustrate; to fool
QuidA sovereign, or pound sterling

Rabbit, to run theTo convey liquor from a public-house
RagSong in rag time
Rag, to chew theTo grieve; to brood
Rag, to sky theTo throw a towel into the air in token of surrender (pugilism)
Rain, to keep out of theTo avoid danger; to act with caution
RatA street urchin; a wharf loafer
RattledExcited; confused
Red 'otExtreme; out-and-out
RegistryThe office of a Registrar
Renege.To fail to follow suit (in playing cards); to quit
RibuckCorrect, genuine; an interjection signifying assent
RileTo annoy
RiledRoused to anger
Ring, theThe arena of a prize-fight
Ring, the deadA remarkable likeness
Rise, aAn accession of fortune; an improvement
RocksA locality in Sydney
Rook, to"To take down"
RortyBoisterous; rowdy
Roust, or RouseTo upbraid with many words
'RoyFitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne; its football team (now merged with Brisbane Bears)
RuctionsGrowling; argument
Run againstTo meet more or less unexpectedly
Run 'is finalDied

SaintsA football team of St. Kilda, Victoria
Sandy blightOphtlialmia
SavvyCommon-sense; shrewdness
Sawing wood"Bluffing;" biding one's time
SchoolA club; a clique of gamblers, or others
ScootTo hurry; to scuttle
Set, toTo attack; to regard with disfavour
Set, to haveTo have marked down for punishment or revenge
Shick, shickeredIntoxicated
Shickerlntoxicating liquor
SifintyA game resembling hockey
ShookStolen; disturbed
Shook onInfatuated
Shyin' or ShineExcellent; desirable
SightTo tolerate; to permit; also to see; observe
Sir GarneoIn perfect order; satisfactory
Skirt or bit of skirtA female
SkiteTo boast
SkiterA boaster
Sky the wipeSee "Rag"
SlabA portion; a tall, awkward fellow
SlamMaking all the tricks (in card-playing)
SlanterSpurious; unfair
Slap-upAdrnirable; excellent
SlatsThe ribs
SlaverOne engaged in the "white slave traffic"
SlickSmart; deft; quick
SlingDiscard; throw
Slope, toTo elope; to leave in haste
SloppyLachrymose; maudlin
SlushyA toiler in a scullery
SmoodgeTo flatter or fawn; to bill and coo
SmoodgerA sycophant; a courtier
SnagA hindrance; formidable opponent
Snake-'eadedAnnoyed, vindictive
Snake juiceStrong drink
SnareTo acquire; to seize; to win
Snarkey Angry
SnideInferior; of no account
SnobA bootmaker
SnoutTo bear a grudge
SnoutedTreated with disfavour
Snuff, or snuff itTo expire
Sock it intoTo administer physical punishment
SolidSevere; severely
So-longA form of farewell
SoolTo attack; to urge on
S.O.SSignal of distress or warning, used in telegraphy
Soot, leadin'A chief attribute
Sore, to getTo become aggrieved
Sore-headA curmudgeon
Sour, to turn, or getTo become pessimistic or discontented
SpankTo chastise maternal-wise
SparA gentle bout of fisticuffs
Spare me daysA pious ejaculation
SpellRest or change
SplashTo expend
SpliceTo join in holy matrimony
SpoutTo preach or speak at length
SpragTo accost truculently
SpruikTo deliver a speech, as a showman
SquareUpright, honest
Square an' allOf a truth; verily
SquizA brief glance
Stand-orfRetiring; reticent
StajumStadium, where prize-fights are conducted
StiffenedBought over
Stiff-unA corpse
StokeTo nourish; to cat
Stop a potTo quaff ale
Stop oneTo receive a blow
StoushTo punch with the fist. s. Violence
Straight, on theIn fair and honest fashion
Strangle-holdAn ungentle embrace in wrestling
Strength of itThe truth of it; the value of it
Stretch, to do aTo serve a term of imprisonment
StrikeThe innocuous remnant of a hardy curse
StrikeTo discover; to meet
Strike meThe innocuous remnant of a hardy curse
Strong, goingProceeding with vigour
'StruthAn emaciated oath
StuntA performance; a tale
Swad, SwaddyA private soldier
SwankAffectation; ostentation
SwapTo exchange
SwellAn exalted person
SwigA draught of water or other liquid
Swiv'lyAfraid, or unable, to look straight


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