Glossary - [E - J]


This page contains a glossary for the poems and prose pieces of CJ Dennis that I have been able to find. It is based on the combined glossaries published in Dennis's various books.


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'Eads (Heads)The authorities; inner council
'Eadin'"Heading browns"; tossing pennies
'Ead over TurkeyHeels over head
'Ead SerangThe chief; the leader
'EavyweightA boxer of the heaviest class
'Ell fer leatherIn extreme haste
End up, to getTo rise to one's feet

Fade away, toTo retire; to withdraw
FagA cigarette
FairExtreme; positive
Fair thingA wise proceeding; an obvious duty
FakeA swindle; a hoax
Final, to run one'sTo die
Final ldckFinal leave
FingerAn eccentric or amusing person
FlamNonsense; make-believe
FlashOstentatious; showy but counterfeit
Float, toTo give up the ghost
Fluff, a bit ofA young female person
FlyA turn; a try
Foot (me foot)A term expressing ridicule
FooterFootball (Australian Rules)
FrameThe body
Funk, toTo fear; to lose courage
FurphyAn idle rumour; a canard

GalootA simpleton
GameOccupation; scheme; design
GawsaveThe National Anthem
GazobA fool; a blunderer
GeewhizzExclamation expressing surprise
Get, to do aTo retreat hastily
GiltMoney; wealth
Give, toIn one sense, to care
Give it lip, toTo talk vociferously
GizzardThe heart
GlarssyThe glassy eye; a glance of cold disdain
Glassey Alley, TheThe favourite; the most admired
GlimA light
Going (while the going is good)While the path is clear
Gone (fair gone)Overcome, as with emotion
Goo-goo eyesLoving glances
Gorspil-coveA minister of the Gospel
GrafterOne who toils hard or willingly
Grandstand playPlaying to the gallery
Griffin, the straightThe truth; secret information
GripOccupation; employment
GroggyUnsteady; dazed
GrouchTo mope; to grumble
GuyA foolish fellow
Guy, to do aTo retire

HandiesA fondling of hands between lovers
Hang outTo reside; to last
Hang-overThe aftermath of the night before
High-falutin'High sounding; boastful
Hitch, toTo wed
HitchedEntangled in the bonds of holy matrimony
Hit things upTo behave strenuously; riotously
Hokey Fly, by theA mild expletive, without any particular meaning
HotExcessive; extreme
Hump, theA fit of depression
Hump, toTo carry as a swag or other burden

ImsheeBegone; retreat; to take yourself off
IntroIntroduction; knock-down, q.v.
It (to be It)To assume a position of supreme importance

JabTo strike smartly
JaneA woman
JiffA very brief period
Job, toTo smite
JoesMelancholy thoughts
JohnA policeman
Joint, to jump theTo assume command; to occupy the "joint" i.e., establishment, situation, place of business
Jolt, to pass aTo deliver a short, sharp blow
JorThe jaw
Jorb (job)Avocation; employment
JosserA simple fellow
JugA prison


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