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This page contains a glossary for the poems and prose pieces of CJ Dennis that I have been able to find. It is based on the combined glossaries published in Dennis's various books.


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A.I.F.Australian Imperial Force
Alley, to toss in theTo give up the ghost
Also ran, TheOn the turf, horses that fail to secure a leading place; hence, obscure persons, nonentities
'Ammer-lock (Hammer-lock)A favourite and effective hold in wrestling
ArAn exclamation expressing joy, sorrow, surprise, etc., according to the manner of utterance
'Ard Case (Hard Case)A shrewd or humorous person
AussieAustralia; an Australian
'Ayseed (Hayseed)A rustic

Back ChatImpudent repartee
Back and FillTo vacillate; to shuffle
Back the BarrerTo intervene without invitation
Bag of TricksAll one's belongings
Barmy (Balmy)Foolish; silly
BarrackTo take sides
BeakA magistrate. (Possibly from Anglo-Saxon, Beag - a magistrate)
BeanoA feast
BeansCoins; money
BeatPuzzled; defeated
Beat, off theOut of the usual routine
Beat the bandTo amaze
Beef (to beef it out)To declaim vociferously
Bellers (Bellows)The lungs
BiffTo smite
Bird, to give theTo treat with derision
BlighterA worthless fellow
Bli'meAn oath with the fangs drawn
BlindDeception, "bluff"
BlitherTo talk at random, foolishly
BlobA shapeless mass
BlockThe head
To keep the block.-To remain calm; dispassionate
Block, theA fashionable city walk
BlokeA male adult of the genus homo
Blubber, blubTo weep
BluffCunning practice; make believe. v. To deceive; to mislead
BobA shilling
BokaysCompliments, flattery
BokoThe nose
Bong-tongPatrician (Fr. bon ton)
Bonzer, boshter, boskerAdjectives expressing the superlative of excellence
BoodleMoney; wealth
BookA bookie, q.v.
BookieA book-maker (turf); one who makes a betting book on sporting events
Boot, to put in theTo kick a prostrate foe
BossMaster, employer
Break (to break away, to do a break)To depart in haste
Breast up toTo accost
BrisketThe chest
BrownA copper coin
BrumsTawdry finery (from Brummagem-Birmingham)
Buckley's (Chance)A forlorn hope
Buck-upCheer up
BumpTo meet; to accost aggressively
Bun, to take theTo take the prize (used ironically)
Bundle, to drop theTo surrender; to give up hope
BunkTo sleep in a "bunk" or rough bed. To do a bunk; To depart
Bunnies, to hawk theTo peddle rabbits
Bus, to miss theTo neglect opportunities

CabooseA small dwelling
CarltonA Melbourne Football Team
Cat, to whip theTo cry over spilt milk; i.e., to whip the cat that has spilt the milk
C.BConfined to barracks
CertA certainty; a foregone conclusion
ChapA "bloke" or "cove.
Chase yourselfDepart; avaunt; "fade away," q.v
ChatTo address tentatively; to "word," q.v
Cheque, to pass in one'sTo depart this life
Chest, to get it off one'sTo deliver a speech; express one's feelings
Chew, to chew it over; to chew the ragTo sulk; to nurse a grievance
ChiackVulgar banter; coarse invective
ChinTo talk; to wag the chin
ChipTo "chat," q.v. Chip in,To intervene
ChivThe face
ChowA native of far Cathay
Chuck offTo chaff; to employ sarcasm
Chuck upTo relinquish
ChumpA foolish fellow
ChunkA lump; a mass
CleanCompletely; utterly
ClickA clique; a "push"
ClinerA young unmarried female
ClobberRainment; vesture
CobberA boon companion
CollectTo receive one's deserts
Colour-lineln pugilisrn, the line drawn by white boxers excluding coloured fighters-for divers reasons
ConkThe nose
CootA person of no account (used contemptuously)
CopTo seize; to secure; also s., an avocation, a job"
Cop (or Copper)A police constable
Copper-topRed head
Copper showA copper mine
Count, to take theIn pugilisrn, to remain prostrate for ten counted seconds, and thus lose the fight
CoveA "chap" or "bloke," q.v. (Gipsy)
CowA thoroughly unworthy, not to say despicable, person, place, thing, or circumstance;
A fair cow - An utterly obnoxious and otherwise unexpressible person, place, thing, or circumstance
CrackTo smite. s. A blow
Crack a booTo divulge a secret; to betray emotion
Crack hardyTo suppress emotion; to endure patiently; to keep a secret
CrayA crayfish
CribA dwelling
CroakTo die
CrookA dishonest or evil person
CrookUnwell; dishonest; spurious; fraudulent
Crool (cruel) the pitchTo frustrate; to interfere with one's schemes or welfare
CrustSustenance; a livelihood
Cut it outomit it; discontinue it

DagoA native of Southern Europe
Dash, to do one'sTo reach one's Waterloo
DateAn appointment
Dawg (dog)A contemptible person; ostentation. To put on dawg - To behave in an arrogant manner
DeadIn a superlative degree; very
DealTo deal it out; to administer punishment, abuse, etc
DeenerA shilling (Fr. Denier. Denarius, a Roman silver coin)
DerryAn aversion; a feud; a dislike
DickinA term signifying disgust or disbelief
DiggerAn infantryman; a comrade
Dile (dial)The face
DillyFoolish; half-witted
Ding DongStrenuous
DinkumHonest; true. "The Dinkum Oil"-The truth
Dip the lid, toTo raise the hat
DippedMentally deficient
DirtOpprobrium, a mean speech or action
Dirty leftA formidable left fist
DivviesDividends; profits
Dizzy limitThe utmost; the superlative degree
Do inTo defeat; to kill; to spend
Done me luckLost my good fortune
DopeA drug; adulterated liquor. v. To administer drugs
Dot in the eye, toTo strike in the eye
DouseTo extinguish (Anglo-Saxon)
Drive a quillTo write with a pen; to work in an office
Duck, to do a(See "break")
DudsPersonal apparel (Scotch)
DudNo good; ineffective; used up
DunnoDo not know
DutchGerman; any native of Central Europe


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