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This page contains a glossary for the poems and prose pieces of CJ Dennis that I have been able to find. It is based on the combined glossaries published in Dennis's various books.


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Keep one downTake a drink
Keeps, forFor ever; permanently
Kick aboutTo loaf or hang about
KidA child
Kid, toTo deceive; to persuade by flattery
Kid StakesPretence
King PinThe leader; the person of chief importance
KipA small chip used for tossing pennies in the occult game of two-up
KipsieA house; the home
KnobThe head; one in authority
Knock-downA ceremony insisted upon by ladies who decline to be "picked up"; a formal introduction
Knock-out dropsDrugged or impure liquor
Knock-out punchA knock-down blow
KnutA fop; a well-dressed idler

LarkA practical joke; a sportive jest
LeeryVulgar; low
LeeuwinCape Leeuwin on the south-west coast of Australia
LidThe hat
LimitThe end; the full length
Line upTo approach; to accost
Little BourkeLittle Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia
Little LonLittle Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Australia
Lob, toTo arrive
'LooWoolloomooloo, a part of Sydney
Lose or do in the block, toTo become flustered; excited; angry; to lose confidence
LummeLove me
LurkA plan of action; a regular occupation

MafeeshFinish; I am finished
MagTo scold or talk noisily
MalleeA species of Eucalypt; the country where the Mallee grows
MashTo woo; to pay court. s. A lover
MaulTo lay hands upon, either violently or with affection
Meet, aAn assignation
MillA bout of fisticuffs
MixTo mix it; to fight strenuously
MizzleTo disappear; to depart suddenly
MoAn abbreviation of "moment"
MollA woman of loose character
MonikerA name; a title; a signature
MoochTo saunter about aimlessly
MoonTo loiter
Mud, my name isi.e., I am utterly discredited
MugA fool; also the mouth
Mug, toTo kiss
Mullock, to pokeTo deride; to tease

Narks., a spoil-sport; a churlish fellow
Nark, toTo annoy; to foil
NarkedAngered; foiled
Neck and neckSide by side
Neck, to get it in theTo receive severe punishment; i.e., "Where the chicken got the axe"
NerveConfidence; impudence
NickPhysical condition; good health
NipperA small boy
Nod, on theWithout payment
Nose around, toTo seek out inquisitively
Nothing (ironically)Literary "something considerable"

Odds, above theBeyond the average; outside the pale
OopizootiesAn undiagnosed complaint
Orfis (office)A warning; a word of advice; a hint
Oricle (oracle), to work theTo secure desired results
Orl (all in)Without limit or restriction
'Ot socksGaily-coloured hose
Out, toTo render unconscious with a blow
Out, allQuite exhausted; fully extended


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