Works in the HERALD 1935

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3The Second Lap
4Important People
5Startling News[prose] | EA21
7Vegetable John
9The Professor and the Ant[prose]
10Vive, la Cigale!
12A History Repeated[prose] | EA22
14The Barter Boom
16My Enemy, the Jumper[prose]
19The Revolt of Nature[prose] | EA23
21The Old TownOTT1
23Heat Wave Highlights[prose]
24Song of the Puzzled Pedagogue
26Hopper Swatting[prose] | EA24
29Red MattOTT2
31The Lure of Trees

1The Milch Kangaroo
2Lost in Love[prose] | EA25
4Mrs. DibbsOTT3
6That Golden Age[prose]
7Mallee Wife
9Faries of Politics[prose] | EA26
11Our Mr. TrimOTT4
14A Pact Between Friends[prose]
15Pipe Dream Passes
16Political Parties[prose] | EA27
18Mr. Mead the PrinterOTT5
22Music in the Chair
23A Domestic Discord[prose] | EA28
25Flash PhilOTT6
27Those Sappers of the Scrub Lands[prose]
28'Tis an Ill Wind

2Zeal Misplaced[prose] | EA29
4Big JackOTT7
7Nikki - the Greek
9Blessings of Peace[prose] | EA30
11McCaffey, Jay. Pay.OTT8
13The Great Woodpile Mystery[prose]
16The Thankless Task[prose] | EA31
18Long John, the SnobOTT9
21March FliesRV
23Billibilli Progresses[prose] | EA32
25Big Doc. LittlejohnOTT10
27"Aigs is Aigs" -- A Dog Yarn[prose]
28The Riddle of Gold
30Politics are Barred[prose] | EA33

1Great Toll the SmithOTT11
3Pity the Weather Man
6Indian Summer[prose] | EA34
8Mrs. Munn, the NurseOTT12
10This Bogeyman Complex
11A Chantey of Labor's Lost
13A Dubious Calling[prose] | EA35
15Larrikin LukeOTT13
22Sammy Lee-FooOTT14
24Those Wet Easter Blues
25These Marching Men
27Light Fantastic[prose] | EA36
29Mrs. Felix DonnettOTT15

1Autumn Interlude
2This Dwindling Earth
4Weather Wisdom[prose] | EA38
6Mr. TankOTT16
8Legs and the Man
9When So DispogedRV
11Flu[prose] | EA39
14Mr. Bodge the BankerOTT17
16Down, but Not Out
18Earth-Minded[prose] | EA40
20Johnny NockOTT18
22Peace and the Paradox
23Sawdust and Sap
27The Point of View[prose] | EA41
28Nice Mr. NimbleberryOTT19

3Mr. Blades the ButcherOTT20
6The Automatic Umpire
8Wrong Address[prose] | EA42
10Mr. Woolin-WisterOTT21
12Arch Criminal
13Me Wear Ma Kilt?
15Modern Modes[prose] | EA43
17The Baker - Mr. BrackenbyOTT22
20The Seeker
21Last Landfall
22Roads to Fame[prose] | EA44
24Little Miss MixOTT23
26Mid-Winter Monody
27The Bench and the Blonde in Black
29Flights of Fancy[prose] | EA45

1Captain Curly TaplinOTT24
4Introducing the Day FamilyRV
6A Billibilli Wager[prose] | EA46
10Black Peter MylohOTT25
l2The Toiler
13Self-Determination[prose] | EA47
15Dr. Andy DevereuxOTT26
17To What Great End?
20Rewards of Valor[prose] | EA48
23Sergeant Mat McGillicuddyOTT27
26The Land Down Under
27Progress and Sanity[prose] | EA49
29The Road's EndRV
30Lah-Di-Dah LaneOTT28

3Taxation Ethics[prose] | EA50
5Miss Trapp the Music TeacherOTT29
7Rewards of Faith
8The Pleasure Tax
10An Apt Pupil
12A Taxpayer's Prayer
15Wangled by the Wayside
17Bones A. B. is Reminded
19The Artist and the Alderman
21A Toff's House
22Ballad of a Board Defied
24Earth's Oldest Show
26The Milk Billy
28Caesar Redivivus
29The Anonymous Altruist
31From Fame to Fowls

2A Duty Done
4Knights of the Never-Never
5Spring DeliriumRV
7Seven Mile an Hour
12It Isn't Cricket
14The Threat of Trams
16George Jones Reflects
18What Will Men Think
19More For the Money
21Show Thoughts From the Bush
30A Matter of Privacy

2The Expert
3Fruits of Victory
4The Bucolics
7Aldermen and Antirrhinum
8An Echo from Africa
9A Fair Warning
10City of Dreams
12More Echoes from Africa
14Galloping Days
16A Phantasy of Phons
17A Hymn of Heat
19The Handicap
21Further Afric Echoes
23Disputed Boundaries
25As Between Pensioners
26The Merry Sportsmen
28African Interlude
30What's In a Name?[prose]
31The Crisis

11War's End Armistice Day 1935
13Top O' the MorningRV
14Under the Hat
16Mr. Blenkinsop
18"Regulation Ten"
20The Cosinic Curve
21Her Majesty the Rose
23The Silent Cop
25The Elusive New Zoo GnuRV
27The Griefs of Ancient Gosh
28Paths of Progress
30The Rose and the BeeRV

2Conducted Tour
4Yule FeverRV
6The SpoilersRV
7The Purge
9Spots Through the AgesRV
11The Hacking Song
16Santa - 1935 ModelRV
18The Listener
23If It's Modern It's Right
26Spatch and Dispatch
28Unconsidered Trifles
30Rafferty's Rules

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CJD - CJ Dennis Collection
RV - Random Verse
SG - Singing Garden

EA - Epistles to Ab
OTT - Old Town Types
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