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2A Round with Kipling[prose] | RV
3Wisdom after Victory
4The Shame of Age[prose]
6Mr. Maddigan Speaks of "Whate"[prose]
10The Little PeopleRV
11Listening Lore[prose]
13A Talk on "Towrists"[prose]
15Youth Revisited
16Some Thoughts on Thrift[prose]
18Matters of Comparison[prose]
19Prince Charming
20I Shall Paint My Ears Green[prose]
23Brains and a Bad Back[prose]
24Watching and Waiting For the Fire Fiend: Anxious Times For Forest Dwellers[prose]
25Ma Mammy's Done Me In: A New Theme Song
26Pace After Meat[prose]
27Shaw? Pshaw!
30Talking of Odes[prose]
31Ideal and Aftermath

1Mittens for Modesty[prose]
2PortlandRV | CT19
3The Economics of Applecrop[prose]
5GisborneCT 20
6Bobby J. Writes a Pocket History[prose] | BJ
7The Peace of Old George Jones
9Bobby J. and Mr. William Buckley[prose] | BJ
12I Defy the Board[prose]
14Bobby J. Finds a Land Boom[prose] | BJ
15The Faith of Old George Jones
16Mr. Applecrop's Objections[prose]
17Bacchus MarshCT23
20Bobby J. and Federation[prose] | BJ
21The Warrior King
22A Talk on Matriarchy[prose]
23A Case for Kings
24George Applecrop's Too-Perfect Idea[prose]
26A Rhyme to Rebecca
27Bobby J. Explains Canberra[prose] | BJ
28Snowy on the Spree

1Percy Finds His Feet[prose]
2Yarra GlenCT25
3Bobby J. Concludes[prose] | BJ
5The Story of a Genius[prose]
14My Hospital Vision: Dream of Wholesale Healing[prose]
19Quartpot the Vain One[prose]
22The Orator[prose]

6Applecrop Criticises the Towrists[prose]
7The Enormity of Being a Person[prose]
11Masefield, Poet and Man
12Percy Plays "Taboo"[prose]
17Bobby J. Turns Diplomatist[prose] | BJ
18A Vandal's Life - and Death
20The Bulldog Breed
21George Swears by "Karasene"[prose]
24Fine First - But Stormy Later[prose]
25"Pass, Grey Digger. All is Well"
26Bobby J. and 'Mr. Shakespere'[prose] | BJ
27The Exception
30It Must be the Wood[prose]

2Tails are Trumps: George Finds it Out[prose]
3The Criminal War
5Romio and Julia. Bobby J. Studies Shakespeare[prose] | BJ
7The Mirror
8The Chains of Circumstance[prose]
10Draper's Dummies
12Dotty Mr Hamlet[prose] | BJ
15"Sea Rise" Mystery: In a Garden[prose]
16Rival Prophets of the Weather
17My Friend Podgrass[prose]
18Winter Rhapsody
21Birds, Batsmen and Bowlers
22Bobby J. on Macbeth[prose] | BJ
24Slang Origins: A Claim Confuted[prose]
25George Jones Wonders
28Bobby J. and Mr. Lear[prose] | BJ
29Growing Pains
30Feet and the Fate of Nations[prose]
31Song of the Insane Gardener

1Bobby J. Tames a Shrew[prose] | BJ
2The Gloomy Victorian
4In Praise of Joy[prose]
5A Song About Feet
7The Two Bees - An Allegory
8Birdland on the Dole: Hard Days for Robins[prose]
9Song of the Robots
11Victors Uncrowned
12Bobby J. on Shylock[prose] | BJ
13The Fall of Fitzmickle
14A Cricket Convert[prose]
16In Praise of a Lotus Diet[prose]
18Rain and Grass
19A Centenary Sidelight[prose]
21Disarmament in Suburbia[prose]
22Farewell Cable Tram
23Bobby J.'s Modern Othello[prose] | BJ
25The Rubaiyat of the Listener
26Twenty Years! How Roads Change the Bush[prose]
27Singing Rain
29Old Jim Shore
30The Unread Australian[prose]

2Mad, But Not So Mad
3Disappearing Forests: Can We Save the Mountain Ash[prose]
4Hitting It Up With Hitler
6The Turn of the Year
7A Test Panic Averted[prose]
9The Test Outback
10A Cricket Casualty
12One Happy Man[prose]
13This Kindly Earth
16Country Doctors
18Adulation's Artful Aid
19Thinking in Continents[prose]
20Mr. Fitzmickle has a Test Match Fright
21The Eye of Shame[prose]
23This Girlish Game
24Jazzing up Feegan's Flat[prose]
25This Spring Stuff
27Old Pete Parraday
28Jasper the Fearful[prose]
30Fruit of Earth

1The Incorrigible
2Oh, To Be an Ashuk![prose]
3A Plea for Artists
4The Farm and Fortunatus[prose] | EA1
6For the Defence
8Some Pills for the Prodigal![prose] | EA2
9Beggars of the Bush: What I Saw in My Garden[prose]
21Fitzmickle Unbends
23The Fate of a Harpist
25Concerning Dress Suits[prose] | EA3
28Early Morning Tea
30Votes and the Vernal Urge

1Great Decisions[prose] | EA4
5The March of the Seasons[prose]
6The Hidden City
7The Sprinter
8The "Girl Friend" Makes Good[prose] | EA5
10Loving but Leaving
12Old Clothes Man[prose]
13The Rubaiyat of the Virtuous Voter
15On Chewing Things Over[prose] | EA6
17The Lure of Spring
20The People's Burdens: And Two Old Fellows in the Bush[prose]
22A Father's Tempered Grief[prose] | EA7
24Comic Cosmic Relief
27Election Aftermath
28Aunt Evangeline Approves
29Epistles to Ab [Some Wise Advice][prose] | EA8

3Bushland Bustle: Sam Sparrow and His Friends[prose]
4One Hundred Years
6The Slighting of Billibilli[prose] | EA9
8A Quest for Tophet
11Johnny Kookaburra in Court[prose]
12Bridles for Butterflies
13A Billibilli Exodus[prose] | EA10
15A Song For a Centenary
18Ballade of Lieges Loyal
20Billibilli Blacklegs[prose] | EA11
22Eating Down to Friday[prose]
25As Old George Said
26On With the Dance!
27The Humbug's Holiday[prose] | EA12
29The Patience of Pluvius Jupe

1Prophets with Honor![prose]
2Ballade of Captious Critics
3Parental Praise[prose] | EA13
5A Racing Rubaiyat
7The Bush Veteran
10Great Minds and Grasshoppers[prose] | EA14
12Come Ye Home
13The Poet Who Brought the Sun: An Appreciation of John Masefield[prose]
15These Bush Prophets: When the Swallows Came Back[prose]
16The Rival Seers
17Pies in Collins Street[prose] | EA15
19The Hundredth Year
21This Kisch Case - Plea for Peace
22Perpetual MotionRV
28The Gift of Flowers: Do We Appreciate It?[prose]

3Peace Talk[prose] | EA16
5Floodbound - Some Bush Philosophy[prose]
6Hakim Khan
10Epistles to Ab[prose] | EA17
11A Likely Lad
13This Horseless Cavalcade
15Parental Praise[prose] | EA18
17The Last Sundowner
19The Rise and Growth of Windywoe
20A Pensioner's Christmas
22Regarding Pests[prose] | EA19
24Christmas SceneRV
27"Bosses Don't Seem Right": A Christmas Monologue
28The Faith of Old George Jones
29Albert's Engagement[prose] | EA20
31Bottle-O Benny

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RV - Random Verse
SG - Singing Garden

BJ - Bobby J.
CT - Country Towns
EA - Epistles to Ab
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