Favourite Australian Wineries

What follows is a list of wineries that I find interesting and enjoyable. It is not attempting to be a fully inclusive list (bloody hell, people write books about this sort of thing), just a brief sampler to each region's wares.

Wineries by Region

South Australia - Coonawarra

The Coonawarra area lies in the far South-East of South Australia just to the north of the township of Penola. It is defined as an area of terra rosa soil about 3 kilometres wide and about 15 kilometres long. split practically down the middle by the Penola-Narracorte road. Attempts to extend the "Coonawarra" district to the grey soil surrounding the red are being resisted and such titles as "Coonawarra Boundary" are now starting to appear.

Victoria - Central

The area is bounded by Sunbury in the South and Euchca in the north, and by Maryborough in the West and Mansfield in the east. It incorporates the wine-growing areas of Bendigo and Heathcote, Central North Victoria, Kingower, the Goulburn Valley, Macedon and the Victorian High Country.

Victoria - North-East

Generally defined as being a quadrangle with Glenrowan in the bottom left, Corowa in the upper left, Albury upper right and Bright in the lower right. It includes the areas of Glenrowan, the King Valley, the Ovens Valley, and Rutherglen. More information about the area is available on the North-East Tourist Information page.



Victoria - Yarra Valley

This area lies along the Yarra River and its tributories (such as Dixon's Creek) from Warrandyte in the west to Yarra Junction in the east. Included in this large loop of the river are the areas of Coldstream, Wandin and Monbulk.

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