Stanton and Killeen

Established: 1875

Location: 2km west of Rutherglen on the Yarrawonga Road.

Winemaker: Chris Killeen.

Important Varietals: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Durif, Muscat and Port.

Personal Comments:

You have to be pretty dedicated to want to wait until the Durif from this winery is at its peak, with 15 years still probably finding the wine in its infancy. The amount of tannin is huge and a bit too much for a frail individual such as myself. If you are going to visit this winery on your Rutherglen excursion, and I would heartily recommend you do, try to leave it late in the day, and then head down to a Rutherglen pub for a couple of cleansing ales. Otherwise your palate will be shot and you'll start to wonder why everything you try after S&K tastes the same.

The one thing about this winery is that they don't believe in releasing their reds too soon. The latest price list I have (dated March 1995) only has reds from the 1991 vintage. The Vintage Port is from 1989 and they even have on offer bottles of their 1974 Vintage Port.

A classic Rutherglen winery of the old school - a tradition of family wine-making, and reds in a big, big style.

Recent vintages worth considering:

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