Passing Clouds

Established: 1974

Location: In the township of Kingower, 11km west of Inglewood. (North-west of Bendigo off the Calder Highway.)

Winemaker: Graeme Leith.

Important Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz/Cabernet.

I first visited this winery back in 1984 and the reds being produced then had a distinctly eucalyptus/minty flavour - or so it seemed to me. This was by no means oppressive and made for wonderfully flavoured wines. There seems to have been a subtle change of style since those days with the recent vintages exhibiting a wonderful smoothness.

Best Recent Vintages:

I recently (27th May, 1995) tried a bottle of the 1986 Shiraz/Cabernet and it was a wonderful experience. The nose shows a beautiful Cabernet with a hint of pepper, and the wine still exhibits a good fruit palate without the berry element being overpowering . I would reckon that it's drinking beautifully now though Jeremy Oliver recommends from 1994-98. Just goes to show I have a few more years to enjoy the other bottles I have left.

Note that Passing Clouds did not release a Cabernet Sauvignon in 1986 and that the Shiraz/Cabernet is not labelled as such - merely as 1986 Passing Clouds. That's enough.

In their review of the best wines of 1996 Winestate magazine rated the 1994 Passing Clouds Shiraz Cabernet at 4 stars out of 5 and noted: "Cedar spice and blackcurrant on the nose with hints of mint. Elegant structure. Generous oak with spicy aniseed flavours and tannins in balance. Plenty of years for improvement."

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