The Australian / Vogel Award


2004 Winner

The winner of the 2004 Australian/Vogel Award was:
"Road Story" by Julienne Van Loon

2004 Shortlist

The Australian/Vogel Award is an annual prize of $A20,000 promoted by The Australian newspaper, sponsored by Vogel's Bread, and awarded to a writer under 35 years of age for an original unpublished manuscript of fiction or Australian history or biography. Entrants must normally be residents of Australia. Manuscripts must be at least 30,000 words and must not be under offer to any other publisher at the time of submission to the award. (Note: the prizemoney for this award was increased from $A15,000 in 1998 to $A18,000 and then again in 2000 to its present level.)

Entries open during the first week of February and close on May 31st. The shortlist is announced in mid-September with the winner announced in the last week of October. An entry form is available on the Allen and Unwin web site.

After realising that some of the details included in this list were, to put bluntly, wrong, The Australian has come to the party and published a full list of the winners of the award. They also state that the first winner, Paul Raddley, withdrew his novel. This came about due to Raddley's confession in 1997 that his uncle had actually written the book not him. I propose to leave the novel listed at this time but you should read the list with the above in mind.



2003 "Drown Them in the Sea", Nicholas Angel, and "Troubled Waters" by Ruth Balint

2002 "The Alphabet of Light and Dark", Danielle Wood

2001 "Skins", Sarah Hay

2000 "The Artist is a Thief", Stephen Gray

1999 "Love and Vertigo", Hsu-Ming Teo

1998 "Pegasus in the Suburbs", Jennifer Kremmer

1997 "Hiam", Eva Sallis

1996 "The Blindman's Hat", Bernard Cohen

1995 "Kindling Does for Firewood", Richard King

1994 "Swimming in Silk", Darren Williams

1993 "The Hand That Signed the Paper", Helen Demidenko

1992 "The Mule's Foal", Fotini Epanomitis

1991 "Praise", Andrew McGahan

1990 "The Mint Lawn", Gillian Mears

1989 "Mood Indigo", Mandy Sayer

1988 "Oceana Fine", Tom Flood

1987 "Ilias", Jim Sakkas

1986 "Violent Femmes, Gloomy Romeos", Robin Walton (aka Glace Fruits)

1985 No award.

1984 "Lilian's Story", Kate Grenville

1983 "Shields of Trell", Jenny Summerville

1982 "Birds of Passage", Brian Castro
"The Jolly Swagman Affair", Nigel Krauth (aka "Matilda, My Darling")

1981 "Al Jazzar", Christopher Matthews
"An Open Swimmer", Tim Winton

1980 "Jack Rivers and Me", Paul Raddley


Highly Commended Novels

Finding the details of these lists is especially difficult. If you miss the one announcement in the relevant paper on the relevant day you're lost. Anyway, I'll do my best to get the information for the missing years.

















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