THE ARCHITECT book cover   The Architect
John Scott

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Dustjacket synopsis:
"Martin stared at the brief letter and the signature below. To the young architect, Von Ruhland had long been an object of fascination.

"Two architects: Andrew Martin, a fęted young Australian whose success has come early, and Johannes Von Ruhland, an aging genius who draws with the hand of God but whose work has never been realised. When Martin finally meets the mythic Von Ruhland on a trip to Berlin, it is a dream fulfilled, but once that dream is brought back to Australia, it jeopardises his marriage and divides his friends.

"Martin returns to Berlin where he is increasingly drawn into the labyrinth of Von Ruhland's world. And when the master architect proposes a daring collaboraton, the consequences are as profound as they are unforeseeable...

"From the author of the acclaimed Before I Wake, The Architect is a deceptively simple story that explores some of the oldest questions of all - faith, loyalty, and the enigma of human suffering."

First Paragraph:

Johannes Von Ruhland approached the long mirror at the passageway's end. He smiled to himself.

'Where have you been?' he asked.

'Walking through the streets.'

'Did you see him? How unique is he? How perfect?'

'Yes, I saw him.'

'How loving.'

'You are certain?'

'Yes. Völlig.'



'He has everything. I wonder, though, if you should somehow touch his life...'

Von Ruhland paused a moment. A brief flash of doubt crossed his face, then he added decisively:

'Touch him.'

From the Viking hardback edition, 2001.

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